Why Don’t People Listen to Me?

How Do I Gain More Influence?

Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.  How well you lead determines how successful you are. It is as simple as that.


Your leadership ability is a lid on your business potential. Your potential may well be unlimited, but your lid is holding it back.

Allow me to to explain it this way.  Think of your leadership lid as a ten dollar bill.  How much is it worth? Ten dollars.  Everyone in Canada knows the value of this bill.  The potential is…that you can buy up to $10 worth of stuff with it.  Or $8.85 plus taxes.

But suppose it only had a value of five dollars. You could only buy five dollars worth of goods with it. I may have ten dollar plans for it but it doesn’t matter because we can’t get more than five dollars for it.

Well, your leadership lid has the same kind of impact. If your desire is a 10 but your ability to lead is a 5, you’ll never perform at the level of a 10. You’ll perform as a 5 or lower. Your results will be at 5 or lower.

So whatever your leadership ability is right now, it is throttling back your potential.  And because of that, you are getting lower results. my business is a going to be a 4 .. or a 3 maybe .. at absolutely best 5 .. but it’s not going to go beyond that.

    • You can’t buy $10 worth of groceries with a $5 bill;
    • You can’t win a 10K race if you can only run 5K; and
    • You can’t get 10 results with a leadership lid of 5

The good news is, you can learn to lead.  Anyone can learn to influence more people. And being a leader is influence, nothing more and nothing less.  The more people you influence, the higher your lid.

Yes, leadership IS a learnable skill. It is what I specialize in; teaching these principles.

It is not something you learn overnight, by attending one conference, or by reading one book. It is a process and evolves over time. But every time you attend a seminar, and every time you read a book on leadership, your skills develop.

Anyone that has ever learned to play a musical instrument, or learned to speak a new language understands the law of process.

You’ve got to evolve through the process. You can’t wait to develop your leadership skill.  If you ever want to be a leaders, or have any influence, you need to start right now. The old adage is true “success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.”

In my profession as a magician, I have seen many ‘overnight successes.’ Or at least it looks like an overnight success.  Winnipeg born magician Darcy Oake became most famous when he went on to the final five on Britain’s Got Talent.

Some magicians sit back and say, “Wow, was he ever lucky.” and “I’d give anything to be in his position.”

ANYTHING?  Really? Because this overnight success started when he was 11 years old. He worked with those birds for hours on end, for over ten years.  It was a process.  And in Darcy’s case a long hard process.  He wasn’t lucky.  He was just prepared when the opportunity presented itself.

Personal and organizational success comes down to leadership.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.

The secret of our success is discovered in our daily agenda. It is in what we do everyday.  It is in the process.

So the first step in the Magic of Leadership is:

Make Leadership Growth a daily priority.

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