Erase Your Limits




After over twenty years of presenting educational programs for Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools I am now proud to be presenting our new High School presentation, Erase Your Limits.

Erase Your Limits is a 40 minute keynote address on how to boost your self-esteem and unleash your potential. Learning to develop a positive self-image is integral to our success and to how we handle all the bumps in the road. The greatest separator between successful and unsuccessful people throughout any stage of life is how they perceive themselves.

Psychologists tell us that if you ask a person to write down their weaknesses and strengths, the average person will list five times as many weaknesses as strengths. Seventy percent of teenagers have a low self-image.

Erase Your Limits contains practical advice and concrete suggestions on how to build your self esteem and how to turn mistakes into stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks. I use illusion and sleight of hand as a method of gaining an audience’s attention and illustrating key points. This grabs and holds their attention and they can’t help learning.


“He’s a pro. His patter is effortless, his magic is well-honed, and he’s funny.”         Christopher Read CBC

“Wood keeps the show moving and always brings a message of warmth and kindness to the stage.”    — Wendy Burke, Winnipeg Free Press

It’s Easy

You don’t have to do any work. We bring everything we need with us, so there is nothing you have to do and nothing you have to worry about. We bring our own backdrop, sound system, microphones, and copyright free music (composed by a friend or ours, Grammy award winner Arthur Stead). We require only a power outlet and 30 minutes to set up. We also need about 15 minutes to pack up once the presentation is complete.

When you decide to book the Erase Your Limits, we’ll send you a confirmation that has all the details. We will also give you a call a few days before the show so you can rest assured we’ll be there and be on time. We know that you are busy and we want to make working together with us as simple as possible.

What To Do Next

Simply phone us toll-free at 1-877-299-0699. We will answer any questions you have and we can check on available dates.  Call us today.


A very strong message on the concept of ‘self – esteem’. Greg’s talk on this topic is one that was very well thought out, well presented and left an impression on all within the audience. He speaks to the importance of not only maintaining a high sense of self – esteem but also, and possibly more importantly, about what we can all do to help those around us build up and maintain high feelings of self – worth.   As he said, it may at times be difficult to ‘put into’ someone else’s bucket, but the effects of this action are often powerful beyond words.

I would recommend Greg Wood as a very worthwhile presenter at any sort of function, whether a school setting, company retreat, etc. While he is capturing your imagination with his tremendous talents as a magician / illusionist, he is at the same time providing a powerful message that is applicable to all members of society, regardless of age.

Heath Morin -Principal Designate, Norquay School

Greg as a comedian and illusionist appealed to the entire audience; students, teachers, educational assistants and administration. Greg challenged us to reflect on what we did to fill our buckets and how we treat the people around us. He questioned how we valued others and how we calculated our own personal worth. The time that we spent to listen to Greg was an hour very well spent.

Jacquie Mydynski-Arp -Vice Principal, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School 


Greg smoothly and skillfully entwined stories with magic illusions. The magic illusions enhanced the messages and the morals of the stories told. Comedy was sprinkled into each performance. The audience was mesmerized and laughing as well. Greg gave a spectacular performance.

Greg added value to our convention and people left with a smile on their face. Many attendees commented on what a great idea it was to have Greg after dinner Friday night and how much they enjoyed themselves.

When I plan any future events, I definitely will ask him to perform for us again.

Laverne Wojciechowski, DTM – District 64 Toastmasters, Spring Convention Chair 2015